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Top Car Care Tips In Monsoon Season

Top Car Care Tips In Monsoon Season

How to Protect your Car in the Rainy Season?

The most beautiful season of the country has arrived. Oh, yes! The much-awaited Monsoon time has come. The downpours season is here and it brings overwhelming rain that leads to floods, traffic jams and a whole host of other issues. The rains are likely dreadful for your car as the soil, dirt and water that accumulate in areas can result in rust and electrical issues. Although monsoon gives enough aid and relief from the sweltering heat, monsoon also does result in water clogging and develops potholes, lower visibility and awful road conditions. Here are Top Car Care Tips In Monsoon Season.

Nonetheless, once everything cools down, the rains turn into anxieties with constant waterlogging and endless traffic jams. The chances of getting into an accident also increases with visibility and road friction reducing considerably. There are many problems associated with the monsoon downpour and a private car experience. Since, all of us would in some way want to increase the life value of luxury car, it is important to take necessary steps to make our experience as hassle-free as possible. If you have not already taken the right steps, read the points below to understand the Top Car Care Tips In Monsoon Season your luxury car needs during this season.

Below are some preparation tips to equip your premium car for monsoon.

1) Check-up and Servicing
The Luxury car has experienced a tremendous amount of success during the summer months, withstanding the scorching heat. Thus, it is precisely important to take your car for an appropriate check-up. Servicing is crucial before your vehicle is brought to face all the waterlogged roads and heavy traffic zones. Ensure that the service centre conducts a fair check on the car’s battery and brakes.

2) Check your tyres:
Tyres are inclined to seriously decreased mileage in the rainstorms as they work overtime in wet conditions to give your car the entire grip it needs. Check how worn out your tyres are by a visual review to see if the tyre wear markers are still noticeable. Contrary to mainstream thinking, getting only front tyres changed is riskier since worn rear tyres might result in oversteer. In addition, while most drivers can deal with the vibe of understeer, oversteer requires a lot of skill to counter. Check the alignment of the tyres before starting on your journey as it can result in more vibration of the car while driving.

3) Clean the headlamps:
Retaining your headlamps clean in the rain is important for better vision. The best way is to clean the reflectors by using a Glass cleaning Spray.

4) Check your wipers
changing your wipers before the monsoon rings in is essential. Make sure to buy from a reputed store and resist buying cheaper models for Premium Cars

5) Exterior Protection
as we all know that the monsoons are usually harsh on a car’s exterior. It is obvious that the outside of a vehicle grabs on to the monsoon extremities the most with soil, slush, rain and chaos ceaselessly falling on it. Hence, it is vital to go for a frequent car wash and polish/wax your car to protect your car from any strips dents or any damage on the exterior.

6) Battery check
During the downpours, your battery encounters a ton of weight from different parts of the vehicle as you think carefully, wipers and then cooling more than expected. This puts pressure on your battery and henceforth, keeping up it is a necessity. Nonetheless, it is impacted nothing by the enlarged moisture noticeable all around. Also, ensure to check on cuts on any wiring to prevent any short cuts as they meet water.

7) Side mirror glasses and windshields
it is important to keep your side mirror glasses on the car clear of water and watermarks during the monsoon as it can impair the vision for the driver. Some precautionary steps would be to keep a cloth handy in your car to keep wiping it.

8) Engine
As we all know the engine is one of the major parts of a car or other vehicle. Therefore, car engine protection is you are first responsibility during monsoon. However, taking care of it in the rain is somehow tough and tedious. You should never start the vehicle, in case you are stuck in the water and deep enough to enter the tailpipe. Doing so, there are the chances that the water will enter through the tailpipe to the engine. This will cause damage to the engine of your car and consequently malfunctioning of the system. To protect your car engine in this situation, you can manually push the car out of water.

Most valuable parts of cars, which require exceptional attention (extensive servicing) during downpours, are as follows:

  • Tyres
  • Wipers And Washer
  • Brakes and battery
  • Body
  • Electricals
  • Interiors

Why is good servicing important for the car’s life?

Servicing your car secures a good life for your car and reduces the intensity of the damage. Significance of servicing your car before the monsoon hits the earth.

1) Boosts the safety of your car
taking your car in for basic service benefits you in confirming everything is working appropriately and to avoid such issues before they arise.

2) Increase car performance
Regular check on your car’s fluids, oil and internal mechanics ensures a drop in the internal wear and improves all-around car performance. A well-maintained car always furnishes a more responsive, steadier ride, enabling you to get the most out of your car.

3) Fuel efficiency
a car running poor at fuel efficiency utilizes more fuel and more importantly money you spent for it. Regular servicing, changing of oil, car wash etc. on a normal basis assures that your car is somewhat saving your cash. Not just money spent but also ensures that it is adding years of use for you.

4) Maintains the car value
your car will have a high and good market value only if you have taken good care of your car. Moreover, your car will appear to be a well-maintained and less used car, which can get a better trade in value than the scrap parts.


Here we have covered all Top Car Care Tips In Monsoon Season to take care of premium cars. Also there are numerous benefits of regular servicing of your car protecting it from any damage or loss before monsoon arrival. It is very much important to take care of Luxury Cars on Arrival of Monsoon.