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Engine Services

Galaxy Auto Works – Audi Service Center in Mumbai specializes in engine servicing. Following are some of the issues that lead to the indication of Engine problem (External & Internal) –
  • Weak or Dead Car Battery :
When a car battery is weak or dead, the Initial strong electrical charge can not start the engine.
  • Faulty Ignition switch :
When the ignition switch fails to provide current to the starter even after receiving it from the Battery, the engine does not start.
  • Weak or Failed Starter :
When the starter is weak, it fails to produce enough torque to rotate the flywheel of the engine.
  • Faulty Fuel System :
When the engine fails to get proper fuel through the dirty injector, clogged fuel filter or faulty fuel pump, it does not start.
  • Faulty Alternator :
The main function of Alternator is to supply current to the car & to charge the battery too as soon as engine cranks. In a faulty Alternator, it is unable to supply proper current to ignition systems initially. So Engine stops.
  • Internal Problem with Engine :
1. Valve oil seal damage.
2. Gasket burned out over a period or because of excess heat.
3. Valve damaged because of wear & tear and excess heat or broken timing belt.
4. Damaged pistons & piston rings.
5. Damaged camshaft, connecting shaft & crankshaft.
6. Faulty oil pump, water pump. etc.